Asset Based Lending Software

Asset Based Lending Software

The Better Idea for Asset Based Lending

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AssetReader ABL Software

AssetReader (AR)

#1 ABL Ineligible Calculation and Data Analysis Software

The Better Idea for ABL

AssetReader is the leading Asset Based Lending ineligible calculation product used by both Operations and Field Examination departments. Download Borrower reports, analyze them electronically and reduce both time and fraud through ABL specific automation. Get expert-level insights that are specific to ABL needs with a focus on Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) ineligibles and ABL Field Examination data gathering.

Fast, accurate and repeatable field parsing with calculations for Agings (AR and AP) and Field Examiners that speeds through Sales, Cash, G/L Journals, inventory reports, inventory turnover and excess quantity calculations with ease.

Imports Text, Delimited, PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML and Excel formats and get both analysis and reports that are ABL specific in just minutes and not hours.

AssetWriter ABL Audit Software

AssetWriter (AW)

The #1
ABL Field Exam
Workpaper and
Writeup Software

AssetWriter field examination workpaper and report writeup program for Asset Based Lending can consolidate an unlimited number of divisions (in any currency), automate multiple user imports, Borrowing Base calculations, detailed charts plus consolidate all divisions to a built-in report writer. Our value added analysis in the writeup puts expert level reports and summaries in the hands of all user levels while bringing core issues to the surface through summary tables and graphs.

Integration with AssetReader data analysis makes this the most complete package in the world. With over 120 workpapers plus over 150 expert writeup summary grids and 19 graphs in every area, the time savings and analysis are unmatched. Owner designed templates allow setups to be your way and older exams can be updated when templates change (without rekeying).

Used by the majority of the outsource firms that service the ABL industry to provide widespread examination resources while reducing travel expenses.

Because Spreadsheets Can't do What We Do

AssetArchive Data Analytics Software - A needle in the haystack of data AssetArchive Data Analytics Software - Finding a needle in the haystack of data

AssetArchive (AA)

Data Analytics and Fraud Prevention Software

AssetArchive allows AssetReader imports to be accumulated and compared over time. The analytics can highlight a wide range of possible issues for an ABL loan, such as trends, Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) trends, new account debtors, unusual invoice amounts and other hot-spots to investigate.

Trends for the top customers are only the begginning. Time series analysis provides insights and highlights risky debtors invoices, balances and questionable changes in both invoice amounts and balances.

◾ Archives AssetReader data over time ◾ Trend agings ◾ Trends in Borrowing Bases ◾ Trends in the ineligible collateral ◾ Highlight new or unusual debtors ◾ Highlight unusual invoices ◾ Large and growing balances ◾ Reduce fraud and willful misconduct through data intelligence ◾ Optional module for confirmations uses business intelligence from AssetArchive data for best-in-class confirmations by e-mail, fax, phone and postal mail. Confirmation module also includes tracking, customer list maintenance, reports and archiving.

Find the Needles in a Haystack of Data Between Exams

FinSoft products for ABL Triangler FinSoft products for ABL Lending working together

All Together

AssetReader for Audit and Operations is the #1 ABL software product for parsing reports and performing analytics.. Read-in Agings, Inventory, Sales, Cash, GLs, Customer Name lists, Etc. Age by invoice date or due date with sophisticated options to deal with aging credits, retainages, finance charges and ineligible columns.

AssetWriter database driven Field Exam report software. Full-featured ABL Audit Report with graphs, writeup, re-exams and imports from multiple examiners.

AssetArchive historical analytics from AssetReader data that reduces fraud risks. ABL Operations intelligence through Analytics across time. Optional Confirmation Module available.

AssetReader and AssetImport ABL Data Upload Comparison

AsetImport (AI)

ABL Specific File Conversions
For Upload Into Your Operations System

AssetImport uses the import technology from AssetReader to take reports and convert them for easy push (upload) into your back-office Asset Based Lending software system.

AssetImport-DLL allows ABL operations software vendors to use AssetReader and AssetImport models to pull imports directly into existing back-office systems. This solution allows Borrower information to be setup with AssetReader or AssetImport and then those models can be used to process Borrower reports in a hands free integrated work flow.

FinSoft, LLC specializes in Asset Based Lending Software used in commercial finance for field examination / audit workpapers, electronic report analysis, ineligible collateral calculations for faster Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) calculations and fraud reduction through analytics and automation.  Used by back-office and field examination professionals, we offer time savings, plus ABL specific features that improve your existing products through efficiencies.  Constant enhancements and legendary support produce the most reliable and consistent reports in the ABL industry.  Come see our ABL software, take a look around and request a demo.  Better and faster due diligence monitoring -- made simple.

FinSoft 20 Years

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